When Made In first opened its doors on Cologne’s Ehrenstrasse in 1981, they were one of the first stores in this area. It started off as a fashion boutique in the early 80’s. and over the years  more and more upcoming streetwear brands from all over the world,were added, including such labels  as Supreme, Goodenough, Hysteric Glamour, Social Studies and Freshjive. in 1993 it was time to leave the location on Ehrenstrasse , which in the meantime had become one of Cologne’s main shopping areas . When we moved to our new location,  at Cologne’s Rudolfplatz  our wide selection of softgoods. was complemented with Skateboards and hard goods .

The interior of the shop is kept very classic with many tasteful details including artistic handpaintings on the walls. To this day Made In offers a wide variety of streetwear and skate goods as well as several exclusive labels and items , you will rarely find anywhere else.

Made In carries:
Ezekiel, Shut, Carhartt, Volcom, Atticus, Altamont, Emerica, Fallen, Zero, Vans, Element, Cleptomanicx, Indy, obey, Lowlife, Zooyork, Baker, Shorty’s, Flip, Girl, Paul Frank, Emily Strange, We, Cheap Monday, Black Label, Lousy Linvin’, Supra, Adio, DC, Es, Dvs, Lakai, Clarks, Krew, Minus, Fred Perry, Nike SB, Converse, X-Large, Fuct, Chocolate, Stussy, Thrasher and several other high quality brands.